webdavd is a light weight WebDAV server with very few dependencies.  It’s main aims are:

  • Authenticate with PAM mapping so that the WebDAV users are the same as OS users.
  • Interact with the file system as the WebDAV client user NOT the daemon’s OS user.
  • Serve files already on the system and not take ownership of the files it serves.
  • Require no additional meta data about the files being served meaning they do not need to be indexed.

It began after a question on stack exchange received no satisfactory answers.

Source Code Availability

The code available under a Creative Commons licence which can be read here: https://github.com/couling/WebDAV-Daemon/blob/master/CCBY.md

Write access to the source code repository is by invite only. The source code is located is available on GitHub here:


Compiled Binaries

Compiled binaries are available as .dpkg files.  These will compiled for:

  • x86_64
  • ARM HF (Rasperry Pi)

See the project’s releases page on github.