Sanya (三亚)

When this is your hotel window each morning… why leave?

Obligatory feet shot. Warm waters and the sound of the ocean so close.

Just lie back and enjoy the coconut trees.

Always great views from this hotel.

Somewhere quiet to sit on the third floor, with trees.

The library. Although what it’s used for beyond photos is beyond me.

Even the hallways are photogenic.

The library

Water water. So beautiful.

Water garden to the left, water garden to the right, ocean straight ahead.

When even the corridor windows look like works of art, you know you’re in a good hotel.

A spot of afternoon tea with champagne.

Prayer wheels

Nanshan Temple (南山寺)

Birds nest houses (through the tree)

Real tree houses

Forest and Sky


The one I’m there to see.


Thousand Island Lake (千岛湖)

The Lake

The Lake



Up in a baloon

Down in a baloon