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Migrating a Nextcloud instance to Amazon S3

Today my Nextcloud instance had a problem: It ran out of space. I thought that…

No Licence: No Fly

In recent month’s I’ve seen an increasing number of articles about draconian rules stopping people…

Sanya (三亚) China

Sanya (三亚)   Thousand Island Lake (千岛湖)

Shanghai (上海市) 2017

上海市 (Shanghai)             乌镇 (Wu Zhen)        …

Oxford UK

Sometimes I come across a building that really catches my eye.  Oxford is a gold…

USA 2017


Orchid Season

I couldn’t resist posting a couple of shots of my orchids while they’re in bloom.

Bulgaria 2016


OpenVPN with PAM User-Password authentication

I’m going to show you here how to set up a OpenVPN server and client…

Headaches With MinGW and __stdcall

For the last week I’ve been writing a DLL in c++ (using MinGW). I’ve had…